Do you want to be a tax accountant?


If you are pursuing a career in the field of accounting and you are conflicted about the type of accounting to seek, keep reading to learn whether tax accounting is the right path for you. Tax accounting involves generating tax assets and liabilities of an individual or a business corporation. It is, therefore, the responsibility of a tax accountant to create these tax assets and liabilities. This article gives you a glimpse of what to expect when working as a tax accountant.

31 August 2018

Why It's Never Too Early to Start a Financial Plan


Financial planning is a huge topic—so much so that it's something many people avoid thinking about until they reach a point where they really need to. Creating a financial plan is often left until someone starts a family of their own so they can ensure their children are well cared for and their spouse won't be left in difficulty if anything unexpected happens. Although it's quite common to do this, it's a bad idea.

21 August 2018

Is Your Construction Insurance Product Comprehensive Enough?

Finance & Money Blog

While standards are generally increasing on construction sites across the country and injury rates are trending downward, that does not mean that the industry, as a whole, is out of the woods. If you have a construction business then you may be only too aware of the inherent risks, but are you sure that you are adequately covered for every eventuality? What do you need to think about, so that you sleep more soundly at night?

31 July 2018